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I hope I’m not jinxing anything here, but today is relatively calm for a Tuesday and I’ve been able to close my eyes and rest peacefully. I hope it stays this way.

And the gloomy weather outside will make for easy sleeping in the car on my lunch hour. Its gonna be a good day.

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By request of i-eat-men-like-air​, I tried recording myself doing an uke cover on video. The song is “Take Your Love” by Sophie Madeleine, and the original is 100% cuter than this wugh. Please excuse the messy room and… the painting of the nude lady on my wall whoops.

Naomi that was beautiful!~<333

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I got a review on Asleep in a Blizzard saying they’re loving my fic but were disappointed because it’s such a page turner and they were already spoiled from posted spoilers on TV Tropes.

You mean to tell me someone out there spoiled my fic for you and you’re STILL reading that whole fucking thing? You, my friend, deserve a milkshake. 

And while I’m at it, which one of you peeps put spoilers on TV Tropes >B( 

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